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All INTERWELD/MOGUL PTA torches are water cooled plasma torches with powder. According the application various types are offered:

GCM 01-250 - Universal machine torch for high quality welding. Especially developed for automotive valves and for welding of cobalt based alloys.

GCM 01-250 DC As GCM 01-250 with a cooled torch body (used when parts are heavily pre-heated)

IW MB 60 Machine torch with high deposition rate. Used up to 320 Ampere

IW MB 60 HYBRID – Machine torch with circular powder feeding with high deposition rate. Especially suited for bigger parts with tungsten carbide powders and other hard to weld powders.

IWI 60 – ID torch (>110 mm) with high deposition rate (maximum length 1050 mm)

IWI 100 NEO – ID torch (> 100 mm) with high deposition rate (maximum length 500 mm )

IWI 01-045 – Torch for welding inside diameters starting with 45 mm

IWI 01-055 – Torch for welding inside diameters starting with 55 mm

IWI 01-085Torch for welding inside with a high deposition rate. Suitable for holes starting with 85 mm diameter.

IWI 01-085REVTorch for external and internal applications with reversed polarity. Used mainly for the welding of copper and aluminium.










IWM 55 – Manual torch for repair applications and those where automated processes are not suitable or not available.




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