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INTERWELD offers contract coating in the form of welding and thermal spraying.
Coatings are used both for the purpose of repair, maintenance as well as for new ones.
Coatings for example, have the following functions:
- Use of cheaper base materials,
- Protection against wear, corrosion, erosion, etc.,
- Committee rescue,
- Achieve certain properties (conductive, non-conductive,
    anti static, decorative, heat resistant, resistant to chemical
    Attacks, better sliding properties, higher friction, etc.)
The Workshop for the job coating is organized in the framework of the Hungarian INTERWELD KFT. The site is Turkeve about 100 km east-southeast of Budapest.

Kinizsi ut 49
5420 Turkeve (Fertigung Lohnbeschichtung)
The following procedures are for operation:
- Powder deposit welding
- Powder flame spraying
- Wire flame spraying
- Flame spraying with oxide ceramic rods
- Arc spraying
- High velocity flame spraying
- Manual electrode welding
- TIG / MIG / MAG welding
- Submerged arc welding
- Welding with flux-cored wires
- Plasma powder welding
Editing is done according to the task by chipping, grinding or lapping.
The quality control is divided into:
- Receiving inspection of all materials used
- Receiving inspection (surveying, defect analysis) of the incoming
- Monitoring and documentation of system parameters
- Output control

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